Campsite vs. Linktree: Which Is the Best Link-in-Bio Tool for You?

Campsite vs. Linktree

Google the best link-in-bio tools, and you’ll get an endless list of products. But, Campsite and Linktree are two names that will consistently be on every list you’ll find. That’s because these two stand out.

We’ve reviewed both tools so you don’t have to. This article details everything we learned from our review, from features and benefits to pricing and customer reviews. 

After reading this article, you’ll know everything you need to know to make the best decision for your business. As a bonus, we’ll also share an excellent alternative to Campsite and Linktree that we can personally vouch for!

Ready to rumble? Let’s get to it.

Campsite and Linktree: Two Most Regularly Used Link-in-bio Tools

Social media platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter have become highly influential. They have thousands of users and endless opportunities. They boost engagement and popularity for celebrities, content creators, and businesses alike.

However, all these social media platforms, especially the more popular ones like Instagram and TikTok, have a common issue of restricting link placement. Users can only place one link to external sites in their bio — certainly not enough for all your links.

To solve this problem, Campsite and Linktree provide users with a single link that holds all their external links in one place. They can add this link to their bios on any social media platform, giving their followers access to all other links.

So, what is Linktree exactly? 

Screenshot of linktree

Linktree is a tool that helps users organize their social media links in one place, making it easier for their followers to access them. With Linktree, you can create a single link that includes all their external links. Think of it as a single folder for all your links. 

A central link database like this helps control site traffic and monitor engagement even better.

Linktree offers a free version that works well for most users, but it limits the number of external links they can include. However, the paid version of Linktree doesn’t. You can have as many links as you want, with additional insights about each one.

And what is Campsite? 

screenshot of campsite

Campsite is another unique link-in-bio tool that has its users obsessed. It solves the issue of sharing other social media links in your bios by providing users with one link to share all their external links in their bios.

Campsite is big on user-friendliness. The interface is easy to use and basic enough for any beginner to figure out. You can even create mobile-optimized pages that further the outreach of your content.

Campsite is also available for free. But just as with Linktree, the free version limits the number of external links. However, if you invest in their Pro plan, you can easily gain access to creating unlimited external links, acquire a domain, and use its other advanced features.

Linktree vs. Campsite — how do they compare?

Your Goal

Linktree vs. Campsite — how do they compare?

Choosing between Linktree and Campsite depends on your specific needs and goals.

If you want to share your links without worrying about design, Linktree is an easy option. But if you want to prioritize design options and solid themes while still being able to add all your links, Campsite is a great choice. 

Campsite offers excellent theme options in their free plan and caters to mobile view concerns.

Target Audience 

Your target audience also plays a significant role in this debate. If you are targeting a general audience, both tools are a great choice. However, if you are looking for a specific, niche target audience, then Campsite may be your choice as they focus more on the freedom of design and customization. 


While both tools are free, they also have Pro plans that give access to further improvisations in their features. These extra features are a great way to increase audience engagement.

The pricing for both these tools varies due to their differences in features. This means your budget will be another factor to consider.

Linktree has four plans: Premium, Pro, Starter, and Free, which range from $24/month to $0/month.

Linktree pricing that include Premium, Pro, Starter and Free

On the other hand, Campsite only provides three plans. The Pro plan is cheaper than that of Linktree at $7 per month, while the Pro+ is the same price as the Linktree Premium, going for $24.

Campsite pricing including Pro+, Pro and Free

Analytical Data 

To track the success of your links, both tools offer a free feature to view your link analytics. This is crucial in determining whether your plan effectively increases your audience reach. 


Customizability is essential if you want to focus on design as much as external linking. For this, we recommend Campsite — it has various themes and free features that give you more control of the look of your link site. 

Campsite allows you to use custom themes in its free plan. While Linktree also provides this feature, it is only available in the Pro plan. 

Moreover, Campsite aids in making customizability options more wide-ranged by offering text blocks, image grids, and carousels along with their custom themes and premade theme selections, whereas, Linktree only offers a selection of pre-made themes for the user.

Customer Reviews — Capterra

Campsite (4.7 stars)

Our overall experience with Campsite has been extremely positive. I have enjoyed outstanding customer support. Any issues that have arisen were addressed immediately and resolved. I have made suggestions for new features and have already seen some of them added to Campsite. My camp staff has found Campsite to be very user-friendly and powerful. Most importantly, parents have been extremely happy with our enrollment process via Campsite. 

Some of the functions we need are only available as add on’s. With all of our needed add on’s, the cost increased fairly significantly. But the overall value is very good.

  • Jeff G

Linktree (4.4 stars)

Overall, I have no major complaints. Linktree is a simple link in the bio software that allows you to provide a page of multiple links as buttons. It’s just missing out on a better user experience with a better content layout. Compared to their competitors, the aesthetics are missing. They mainly have buttons that you can customize to your colors (if you pay extra) and a customized background, but it doesn’t have a nice content layout that looks comparable to a landing page of a site like some link in the bio software companies has.

  • Jonathan R

Campsite Pros and Cons

Campsite Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use 
  • Offers customizability in the Free plan
  • Allows you to place all your external links in a singular link 


  • Does not provide a background image option to free users
  • Watermark is only removed for the Premium version

Linktree Pros and Cons

Linktree Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use 
  • No need to build a website to place all your external links 
  • Offers basic customization and analytics


  • Free plan does not include custom themes
  • Does not hide the Linktree watermark with the Free plan

Bottom line? – Campsite vs. Linktree

Picture that shows and Linktree logo side by side and with bottom line text at the bottom

Both Linktree and Campsite offer an easy-to-use interface for creating a link page. However, Linktree may lack customization options for design compared to Campsite, which provides more flexibility. As you can see, the choice largely depends on what you want your landing site to look like and the features you value the most. 

Want something a little more avant-garde than these mainstream options? We’ve got just the alternative for you.

Allow us to introduce — Limey. 

Another Awesome Alternative: Limey

Screenshot of landing pafe

Limey allows creators to create beautiful one-page websites in minutes, turning them into a channel for monetization, audience engagement, and growth. It allows you to create custom links and is a great way to attract and connect with a specific audience. Limey also lets you enhance your branding by adding modern pages, form blocks, custom domains, and webhooks. 

Unlike many other link-in-bio tools, Limey gives you three custom pages, free of cost. These pages are designed to capture leads and engage with your audience, thus helping you grow your network and manage all your leads in one place. Make the most of your social media bios with Limey today!

As a bonus, we’ll also share an excellent alternative to Campsite and Linktree. Here are the top 15 Wix alternatives that can help you build your brand.

Campsite Creators Linktree


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