15 best link in bio tools for 2024

15 best link in bio tools for 2024

Ever felt the frustration of having one link in your social media bio? It’s like showing your audience a treasure chest but permitting them to open it once.

Even the new policy for allowing max 5 Insta bio links is never enough for most creators. Especially, when you have lots of gold—landing pages, YouTube videos, blogs, and special offers—to share with your audience. 

Well, guess what? You can transform that one link into a gateway for your podcast, blog, YouTube—basically, all the good stuff—no more link-switching headaches!

Say hello to links in bio tools—with this tool, you can easily direct your audience to see any page you wish without stress. 

Our handpicked list of 15 link-in bio tools can be the game-changing asset you need for your business in 2024—some of these tools can help you track clicks, drive traffic, and boost sales. 

Ready for the upgrade? Let’s get into it. 

But first, you may be wondering what does link in bio mean. And why should you even care about optimizing your social media bio? 

Stick around to find out!

A link in bio tool is a popular and highly effective feature used in social media marketing and personal branding. Essentially, it refers to a utility that allows individuals or businesses to maximize the potential of their social media profiles. Due to the limitation of most social media platforms, where only a single link can be added to a profile’s bio, a bio link tool comes into play.

Here’s how it works:

Bio Link Tool: This is a specialized software or service that enables users to create a custom, multi-link landing page. Instead of being restricted to a single hyperlink in their profile, users can now direct their audience to a single page that contains multiple links.

Link in Bio Page: The page created using the bio link tool is commonly referred to as a link in bio page. This page serves as a centralized hub where followers can access various content, products, or services mentioned across the user’s social media posts.

Bio Tools: Bio tools often come with additional features such as analytics, customization options for the design of the bio page, and sometimes integration with e-commerce platforms or other services. This makes them versatile for different types of users, from influencers to businesses.

Social Media: The primary function of these tools is to extend the capabilities of a social media profile. By using a bio tool, a user can effectively bypass the single link limitation and provide followers with a richer, more engaging online experience.

Single Link: Despite the expansion of options, the principle remains that only one link is placed in the social media bio. This single link leads to the bio page where multiple resources are available.

Bio Page: The bio page is the destination where the single link redirects. It’s a custom-designed page that reflects the user’s brand or personality and can host an array of links, from blog posts and product pages to social media channels and contact forms.

The link in bio tool requires less technical skills to set up. And it aligns with the no-code ethos by providing a simple, code-free solution for top creators to maximize their online presence.

The straightforward answer is—efficiency and versatility. No more stressing over which link to feature in your bio. With a Link-in-Bio tool, you can curate a menu of links, giving your followers easy access to all your exciting content.

The concept of a link in bio page takes the simplicity of the Instagram bio link and elevates it to a new level of efficiency. Traditionally, social media platforms like Instagram limit users to one link in their bio. This single link restriction often forces users to constantly update their bio link whenever they want to highlight new content or products. However, with the advent of link in bio tools, this is no longer a concern.

Centralized Content on One Landing Page

By employing a link in bio tool, you create a custom landing page that acts as a central hub for all your important links. This landing page can be easily accessed through the clickable link in your social media bio. Whether it’s your latest blog post, a recent podcast episode, an online store, or your other social media profiles, everything is just a click away for your followers.

Customization and Brand Consistency

These bio tools offer more than just a solution to the single link limitation; they provide the opportunity to create a custom landing page. This customization allows for brand consistency across your digital presence. Your link in bio page can match your brand’s aesthetics, tone, and style, making it an integral part of your online identity.

Versatility Across Social Media Channels

While the term Instagram bio link is commonly used, the utility of link in bio tools extends beyond just Instagram. They can be used across various social media platforms, ensuring that wherever your audience finds you, they can access all your key content and resources quickly.

Ease of Access for Followers

By consolidating your content into one link in bio page, you’re not only making your life easier but also enhancing the user experience for your followers. Instead of navigating multiple posts to find a specific link, they can find everything organized neatly on your landing page. This ease of access can lead to increased engagement, higher traffic to your content, and a stronger connection with your audience.

Dynamic Content Management

Another significant advantage of link in bio tools is the ability to update your landing page dynamically. As your content evolves, so can your link in bio page, with new links being added or outdated ones being removed. This flexibility ensures that your followers always have the latest information at their fingertips.

We handpicked the top 15 links in bio tools alternatives to Limey that you should know. The list comprises popular players like Campsite, Linktree, and new players like Linkify and Tap Bio.

  1. Limey

  2. Milkshake App

  3. Lnk.Bio

  4. Shorby

  5. Linktree

  6. Feedlink

  7. Beacons

  8. Campsite

  9. Sked Social

  10. Tap Bio

  11. Stan Store

  12. Bitly

  13. Linkify

  14. Hopp by Wix

  15. ContactinBio


Limey gathers all your important links and puts them on one crystal clear page. It’s like having a menu with clickable buttons that take people exactly where you want them to go.

Limey link in bio tool

Naturally, our link-in-bio tool and one-page website deserve a spot on this prestigious list. This inclusion isn’t a product of bias but a testament to the undeniable value and testimonials we get from many creators.

And guess what?

Limey is not just about organizing links on your social bio; it lets you customize your landing pages however you want. So, with the flexible, customizable site builder, you can share anything you want, including texts, images, and videos.

Here are other thrilling features you should know about Limey: Limey paid plan allows you to create your custom domain for your links, making it recognizable to your audience.

Explore a variety of templates to spark your creativity and craft a unique page. You don’t need to be a seasoned graphic designer to whip up a seriously cool and stylish page. Limey forms help you gather information, get people to sign up, and build a list of email subscribers.

Another benefit of using Limey is reducing the tools you need to manage your online presence. In addition to Limey’s site builder, users can add a buy me a coffee block to accept donations and a link shortener.

Limey link in bio landing page sample


  • Easily customizable bio link pages

  • Mobile friendly designs

  • Expertly designed templates

  • Allows Integrations with other apps (over 5000+ with Zappier and Make)

  • Custom domains

  • Add multiple links

  • Faster page load speed

  • Multiple links in one page

  • Allows social links

  • SEO-optimized pages for driving traffic

  • Integrate with Google Analytics


  • Free plan limitations


Limey pricing starts with a free forever plan, with limited features. The paid plan ranges from $5 to $25 per month.

Limey pricing


Lnk.Bio is your easy-peasy link page with unlimited links. It has a simple setup and a sleek default design to match the Insta chic vibe. No frills, just straightforward elegance.

Lnk.Bio link in bio tool

This tool allows performance tracking for creators to monitor the click rates for every page added to their landing page. Setting up with Lnk.Bio is a straightforward journey devoid of complexities—intuitive steps pave the way for your link page to go live.

Another thing to note is that Lnk.bio gracefully syncs with the official Instagram API, which means you never have to worry about password disclosure woes. Users can harness the power of its functionalities without the need to unveil their Instagram passwords.


  • User Friendly

  • Great Interface

  • Allow integrations

  • Robust analytics

  • Easily customized

  • More Organised


  • Free plan limitations

  • Underperforming analytics


Free plan available; premium plans start at $0.99/month to a one-time payment of $24.99

Lnk.Bio Pricing

Milkshake App

The Milkshake app is an easy, fast, and beautiful tool for creating visually captivating mobile websites tailored to specific brands.

Milkshake app link in bio tool

This mobile app emphasizes visual storytelling, providing design elements and layouts to craft engaging narratives.

With a commitment to mobile optimization, Milkshake maintains a seamless experience across various devices. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to many creators and small businesses.


  • Easy-to-use 

  • Customizable 

  • Free

  • Add multiple links

  • Thousands of templates available (Inspo)


  • Limited customization

  • Only available on mobile devices


  • Free to use


Shorby lets you list multiple products and our social media pages with pictures or logos, personalization is a major strength for this tool. It tracks clicks on each button for about 30 days. You can also add animations like a little shake to help draw people’s attention to a particular item listed on your page.

Shorby link in bio tool

This isn’t only a link in bio tool, Shorby offers 3-in-one features in its app. They include:

  • Link in bio too

  • Link shortener

  • Lead generation software

Once you’re in, it’s time to add your personal touch. Give your Smart Page a title, and why not throw in a profile image to make it uniquely yours? Now, the fun part begins.

Shorby isn’t just a tool; it’s your accomplice in transforming your Instagram bio link into a digital haven. Ready to build? Let Shorby be your creative ally as you craft a Smart Page that not only links but captivates.


  • Allows special animations

  • Link scheduling

  • Easy to use

  • Dynamic feeds

  • Custom URLs


No free plan

Quite expensive for newbie creators

Less customizable


Subscription plan starts at $12/month, to $25/month, to $88/month. Each upgrade unlocks certain features from the tool.

Shorby pricing


Linktree is the most popular link in bio tool recognized by most Instagram, Tiktok, and X influencers. It is an easy-to-use tool that lets you house all your links on a simple page.

Linktree link in bio tool

This tool establishes a visually compelling link in the bio page, through pre–designed themes and texts.

Going beyond aesthetics, Linktree effortlessly integrates with platforms like Amazon, Google Sheets, and Mailchimp, streamlining your marketing efforts.

For design enthusiasts, Linktree offers a large canvas, allowing seamless editing of landing pages on both desktop and mobile apps.

Even in its free version, Lintree extends support with analytics, providing valuable insights into audience interaction.


  • Well designed templates 

  • Affordable 

  • Easy to use

  • Add multiple links

  • The free version allows unlimited links 


  • Poorly SEO-optimized pages

  • One-design style


Free with premium plans starting at $5/month, a premium plan goes for $24/month.

Linktree pricing

Feedlink is a sophisticated micro website builder and a standout among Linktree and Lnk.Bio alternatives. This innovative link-in-bio tool seamlessly transforms your Instagram feed or TikTok videos into a dynamic and clickable microsite. 

Feedlink link in bio tool

Acting as a fresh digital hub for your social media endeavors, Feedlink not only connects your TikTok and Instagram accounts but also allows for a personalized touch with custom links and a fast-loading mobile interface.

Unlike the traditional limitations of a single bio link, Feedlink serves as an amplified gateway to drive traffic directly to your website and other online profiles. The expansive customization options let you tailor the page to match your brand identity while maximizing the potential of each Instagram post or TikTok video by tagging them with unique links.


  • Mobile-friendly custom page

  • Basic analytics on each page 

  • Fast page load speed 

  • Custom links 

  • 7-day free plan for all premium plans 


  • Hard to navigate 


Feedlink offers both annual and monthly plans suitable for your business needs. 

For the Monthly plan:

  • Pro($6 per month)

  • Business ($19 per month)

  • Agency ($29 per month)

Feedlink pricing structure

For the annual plan:

  • PRO Yearly ($59m per year)


Beacons offer a digital playground for designing your bio page or mini website.

But wait, there’s more—Beacon serves as an all-in-one tool offering an exhaustive list of features that includes a link in bio tool, media kit builder, customer Invoicing tool, and more. 

Beacons link in bio tool

Imagine this: selling ebooks, giving shoutouts, promoting events, booking appointments, and even accepting donations—all with just one link. Beacons go beyond the basics, making it super simple for brands, creators, and influencers to add custom shops to their bios and make money from whatever digital content they decide to sell.

But Beacons is not just for selling stuff; it’s also about connecting with your followers. The requests block lets you do personalized shoutouts and one-on-one calls, making it a cool space for chatting with your followers. 


  • Free plan available 

  • AI brand outreach 

  • Allows you to collect customer information 

  • AI-powered outreach


  • Costly premium pricing


The pricing structure for Beacons include:

  • Free plan (0$ forever)

  • Marketing bundle ($30 per month)

  • VIP ($100 per month)

Beacons pricing


Campsite.bio is a perfect fit for business owners and freelancers looking to keep their portfolio and social pages neatly put together. It’s like your digital business card, bringing all your online presence into one neat place. Perfect for creators and businesses who want to keep things organized.

Campsite link in bio tool

Campsite.bio doesn’t stop at looking good; it’s a breeze to use. Imagine a page featuring your profile picture, background image, and color scheme—all customizable to fit your style. There are no tech headaches here—just straightforward editing to make your profile shine.

With analytics and tracking features, you can keep an eye on clicks and engagement with your links. Redirect your followers effortlessly to different valuable sources—all in one place.

Another stand-out campsite feature is its excellent link scheduling tool which allows you to specify where certain links should go live or stop showing altogether.


  • Allows multiple links

  • Easy Customization 

  • Allow scheduling 

  • Advanced analytics 

  • Offers discount for non-profit organizations 


  • Few free plan features


Pricing varies according to the profile required.

For a single profile:

Campsite pricing

Sked Social

Sked Social is super easy to use, the best part about this tool is the load speed for opening any landing page on your Instagram bio. Imagine your landing page loading super fast, giving your followers a smooth ride without any hiccups. That’s what you should expect when you use Sked Social. 

Sked Social link in bio tool

This tool also enables clickable images, branding logos, and icons that can increase your business conversion rate. So, your followers can easily click and explore without any fuss.

However, Sked Social doesn’t have all the fancy customizing options that some other tools offer. So, if you’re into lots of flair and personal touches, it might not be the one for you. But if speed and simplicity are your thing, Sked Link could be your new sidekick.


  • Fast page loading speed 

  • Insta gallery display 

  • Allows integration with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics 

  • Easy to understand


  • Low customization features 

  • Poor scheduling feature 

  • Costly (no free plan)


Sked link has no free plan and the paid plans run for:

  • Fundamental ($35/month)

  • Essentials ($89/month)

  • Professional ($159/month)

  • Enterprise (Custom pricing)

Sked Social Pricing

Tap Bio

Tap Bio helps show off your favorite pages and content in a story-like format. It’s like turning a regular link into a cool Instagram story. 

Tap Bio link in bio tool

It is an effective tool for promoting new content uploaded on your social pages. And there is a free plan for newbies to get around with it.

You don’t need to be a coding or design whiz to use it. It’s super easy, even if you’re not into building websites.

If you’re into numbers and tracking how well you’re doing, Tap Bio’s got you covered. With the paid plans, you get a special feature that keeps tabs on how many people view and click on your links. Plus it also has ads. Retargeting features, where you can reach users who interacted with your Facebook and Google ads. In one way or the other.


  • Free plan with valuable features 

  • Cheap

  • Allows email collection


  • Poor user interface


  • Free plan 

  • Monthly plan for $5

  • Yearly plan for $36

Tap Bio pricing

Stan Store

Stan Store, like some of the links in bio tools listed here, is an all-in-one platform that arms you with all you need to scale your business or creator career. There is more to this tool than sharing links. 

Stan Store Link in bio tool

First off, there’s a mobile-friendly link page, making it easy for customers to explore your content and pages with ease.  But, there’s more! Stan Store offers a calendar tool for you to schedule meetings with potential clients. You also get to see who’s checking out your content with analytics. 

Stan store also allows you to sell digital assets like webinars, ebooks, and online courses directly from your page.

While the stan store offers a lot of cool features for digital creators, it may be needless and expensive for creators looking for a plane link in bio tool.


  • Calendar tool to book meetings with customers 

  • Offers affiliate program 

  • Allows you to build and sell digital assets on your page


  • Requires tech-savvy skills for operation


Stan Store offers a 14-day trial, then a paid plan which goes for $29/month for Creator, and $99/month for Creator Pro.  


Although Bitly is popularly known for its link shortener feature, it also offers a link in bio feature worth checking out.

Bitly link in bio tool

You can also track the click-through rate of every link added to your Bitly landing page to see the content gaining the most traction from your bio.

With an easy-to-use interface that lets you design your landing page to match your brand style, you can add and tweak your social icons without losing any link space. It’s like being the designer of your online world, no coding is required!


  • Easy-to-use Interface 

  • Mobile friendly designs 

  • Creates short and custom links that are shareable

  • Great value for money


  • Few free trial features


For monthly subscription plan:

  • Free 

  • Core plan ($8/per month)

  • Growth plan ($29/per month)

  • Premium plan ($199/per month)

Bitly link in bio tool


Linkify gathers all your vital links in a simple page accessible to fans, customers, and visitors.

Linkify link in bio tool

Linkify is also your go-to weapon for printed materials, with customers accessing your landing page via a QR code scan.

Transform your business with touch-free digital menus or standout brochures, making Linkify the bridge between tech-savvy and safety.


  • Responsive customer service 

  • Design the theme of your choice

  • Customizable links

  • Custom pages


  • Limited integration options 

  • Not easy to use



Hopp by WIX

Wix, a template-based website-building platform, recently created a link in bio tool called Hopps, and It’s worth being adThis issue shouldn’t occur since the full name is a mandatory field during the sign-up process. I suspect this happened because you created the account before the validation was fully configured. However, for any new users signing up, the full name field will always be present.

I have tested this by creating a new account with another email, and everything is functioning as expected.”ded here.  Hopp by Wix—it’s a link in bio tool for creators and influencers.

Hopp by Wix link in bio tool

What sets Hopp apart is its robust search engine—an ingenious feature that turns every link on your page into a searchable gem. Visitors can effortlessly discover precisely what they’re seeking, be it products, services, or exclusive coupon codes.


  • Customizable search engine 

  • Free plan

  • Advanced User Interface 

  • Link shortener tool


  • No mobile app

  • May require tech-savvy skills to maximize its features




ContactInBio provides a custom profile URL to your landing page, ensuring a distinctive online presence that resonates with your audience. The possibilities within ContactInBio are vast—you can enrich your profile with an array of content, social pages, and contact forms. 

Contact in bio link in bio tool

Customization is a core feature here as ContactInBio lets you tailor the design of your profile with a selection of pre-made themes that match your brand style guide.


  • Contact forms 

  • Advanced customization features 

  • Personalized text options 

  • Link analytics 

  • User-friendly interface


  • Too many complex features 


There is a free plan with a paid business plan of $4.55/per month and $18.2/per month for agencies.

Contact in bio pricing

Final Thoughts: Amplify your content presence in 2024

Your bio link is the key to unlocking a treasure trove of possibilities. Forget the old days of being stuck with just a handful of links—enter the era of maintaining a solid online presence with a link in bio tool.   

As we delved into the top 15 Linktree alternatives, each tool showcased unique features and weaknesses worthy of notice. 

Get Creative: Limey isn’t just about keeping things neat; it’s your canvas to be the Picasso of your bio. Customize, share diverse content, and gather info—it’s like having your digital playground.

Tools like Feedlink, Hopp by Wix, and ContactInBio are like your tech-savvy buddies, ensuring your bio page looks cool and smooth on any device.

What is the best link in bio tools?

The best link-in-bio tool can vary based on individual needs, but Limey stands out as a versatile and feature-rich option, offering customization, analytics, and seamless integrations with over 5000+ apps. 

What is the best link in bio tool for TikTok?

For TikTok users, Feedlink by EmbedSocial is an excellent choice. It not only transforms your TikTok videos into a clickable microsite but also provides customization options for a unique touch.

What app is better than Linktree?

Limey surpasses Linktree with its extensive features. Limey offers organized link sharing, customization, fast loading time, and the ability to create a personalized domain, making it a superior alternative.

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