Best Carrd Alternatives for Building Landing Pages

Carrd Alternatives

Carrd is a popular tool for creating lightweight landing pages. It’s great for building responsive one-page sites but it can be difficult to get the right results to convert your customers.

Want to build a landing page for your business or personal project? At Limey, we believe optimizing your conversion funnel is the best way to build a successful online brand.

Smart landing pages are a great way to funnel your audience, attract qualified leads and ultimately improve conversions.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top alternatives to Carrd for building stunning websites and strengthening your online brand.

Limey – Best Landing Page Alternative to Carrd

Create beautiful landing pages in minutes with Limey - Carrd Alternatives

Limey is our top pick for a Carrd alternative. This tool helps you build stunning and functional landing pages in minutes – with no coding needed!

These beautiful landing pages are a great way to connect with your audience, capture leads and funnel them to other platforms.

Platforms like Carrd use drag-and-drop editors to allow creators to build landing pages and link hubs. Ours is simpler.

We’ve opted to use a block-based editor where you can easily add sections and elements using simple visual menus. With this approach, Limey allows creators and businesses to build beautiful one-page websites in minutes, not hours.

You can get started with Limey for free. Our landing pages are hosted, by default, on a simple domain.

But through an affordable paid plan starting from $5 a month, you can connect a custom domain and remove the Limey branding.

Limey is an easier-to-use, more affordable alternative to Carrd for making brilliant landing pages.

Linktree is a social media referencing platform that allows influencers, brands and creators to build “link hubs”.

These landing pages are primarily used by creators to funnel their audience from one platform to another.

Why is this needed? Many social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok don’t allow creators to add clickable links to their posts. Instead, accounts can add one website link to their profile page. That’s precisely why creators funnel their audience to their bios – i.e “see link in bio”.

Both Linktree and Carrd have seen success in providing a solution for creators to share multiple links. For example, an influencer with a large following on TikTok can use a Linktree landing page to provide a link to their YouTube channel, sell merch and share an affiliate link for a brand deal – all at once!

Linktree pages follow a mobile-first design as they will be accessed through social media apps. Despite not offering the same customizability and features as Carrd, this platform is arguably the more popular social media link hub creator.

Why? It’s simple and easy to use. Anyone can create a Linktree site in minutes using the platform’s tried-and-tested template. Considering how specific this use case is, Linktree is a good choice.

Unbounce – AI-Powered Landing Pages

Our next pick is Unbounce – a landing page and marketing tool designed to convert customers faster. What’s this platform’s unique selling point? It uses AI to help you create landing pages and even generate copy for your site.

Unbounce offers two distinct options for building landing pages. These are:

  • Classic builder
  • AI builder

The classic landing page builder features a fairly standard drag-and-drop interface. It’s more complicated to use than Carrd’s, however. Unbounce lets creators tailor their customer conversion flow.

For example, you have complete control over where buttons are placed, or how your landing page is laid out. Professionals with the time to tweak their site may find Unbounce’s custom site elements useful.

Most landing page creators don’t need this granularity or control – and just want an attractive site as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Unbounce’s AI builder is a tad unreliable.

It works by asking design questions before generating a site for you. But, these prompts are vague and it’s difficult to get the right results straight away – especially when compared to Limey’s simple visual editor.

Unbounce is by far the most expensive option on this list. The base option can set you upwards of $90 a month.

If you regularly see more than 20,000 visitors, you may have to upgrade to the “Optimize” or “Accelerate” plans. This can bring the cost of Unbounce up to $225 a month. Not cheap!

Wix – DIY Website Design

Need to add more information to your landing page? Why not try building an entire website?

Since its launch in 2007, has garnered a reputation for being an accessible, easy-to-use website builder. In its original form, Wix allowed creatives to design interesting Flash sites for personal projects.

But once the builder transitioned to HTML5 in 2011, Wix matured into a useful tool for launching your business’s website.

We think this solution offers one of the most straightforward website-building experiences on the market – making it a great alternative to Carrd for those looking to build more than a landing page.

What is the experience like designing websites and landing pages with Wix?

There are two main ‘modes’:

  • Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI): The ADI wizard will design the framework of your website for you based on a set of design choices you make when creating your site. This is the easiest way to generate an attractive site or landing page.
  • Editor: Need a bit more creative freedom? Wix’s classical editor offers you all the tools and elements you need to create a powerful website.

For example, Australian guitar maker Curtin Smith Guitars was able to generate an elegant website using Wix’s ADI.

Wix offers some great eCommerce tools for businesses looking to sell products or services online. Finally, Velo is a full-stack platform for developing web applications using JavaScript and Wix’s APIs.

Build an Eye-Catching Landing Page with Limey!

The best way to build an online presence, funnel your audience and get your brand noticed is by building a stunning one-page website.

With Limey, it’s really simple to get started – and you can build a stunning website in minutes.

Our free tier allows creators to build 3 sites and use a smart domain to host their web pages. Need to add a custom domain? Our affordable paid tiers allow you to attach your own domain, create more landing pages and remove the Limey branding.

Head over to to get started!

What are the benefits of using Carrd alternatives?

Carrd alternatives may offer a different set of features that could better align with your specific needs. This might include different integrations, design options, or template selections that align with your project or business requirements. Each platform has its own strengths and choosing an alternative might just mean finding the best fit for your unique needs.

Is it difficult to use Carrd alternatives?

Ease of use can vary among Carrd alternatives. Some might have a steeper learning curve than others, but most are designed to be user-friendly.

Are Carrd alternatives more expensive?

The cost of Carrd alternatives can vary greatly, with some being more affordable and others being more expensive. It depends on the specific features and services they offer.



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