25 Funny Instagram Locations

Funny places to tag on Instagram

As a business owner on Instagram, you know how important it is to stand out. Instagram locations can help you do that, but you still need to think outside the box because everyone uses the same strategies.

Here’s one solution. By using funny locations on your posts, you can make them more entertaining and help your business stand out from the competition.

But making creative location tags can be challenging. So we have listed 25 funny Instagram location ideas that will help you boost engagement and show your brand’s personality to your audience.

Why Should You Use Funny Instagram Locations?

Cartoon drawing of a woman searching for funny instagram locations on her phone.

Instagram is becoming crowded, with over 2 billion users in 2023. These numbers are attractive to businesses who want to increase their online presence.

However, it is hard to reach this many people only with your content. To stand out from others, you have to put in extra effort.

Using geotags in your Instagram stories and posts will make your content more discoverable to people in your local area.

For example, a coffee shop on Halsey St. will attract more local visitors if they add their location to their posts. Adding a location will make their content visible to people searching for that specific location or staying in that area.

But with the growth of social media platforms, content creation is not only about letting people know your location. People now want creativity and entertainment.

Cartoon drawing of a person looking at different people's posts on a map.

So, businesses use funny Instagram locations to show their personality and make their followers smile. Here are some benefits of using witty and hilarious locations in your posts.

  • Boost brand personality by creating a memorable brand image.
  • Stand out from competitors through unique and clever ideas.
  • Make content go viral with funny and relatable geotags.
  • Enhance engagement through likes, comments, and shares.

But how can Instagram users create funny location tags to post online? Don’t worry, we have shared the steps below. Let’s dive in!

How to Create Funny Places to Tag on Instagram Posts

To add a funny location to your post, you can select from the ones available on Instagram or create a new location.

Instagram doesn’t let you create custom locations, but here’s how you can use Facebook to create locations and use them later on your Instagram Business profile.

Step 1. Open the Facebook app and click “What’s on your mind.”

Step 2. Click on “check-in.”

Screenshot of the check-in feature on Facebook.

Step 3. Enter the custom location you want to create, then click on the “+” sign at the bottom.

Step 4. Fill in your custom location details and click “Save Custom Place.” You have now saved your location.

Step 5. Open your Instagram profile and create a post.

Step 6. Click on “Add location” and type the new location name.

25 Popular Locations on Instagram

1. Euphoria

Instagram screenshot of davidem8183's image of a person with glittery makeup with the geotag ' Euphoria'.

HBO’s Euphoria has become famous for its glittery and colorful makeup looks. The show has created its own genre of makeup style, which has become popular on social media.

Try out this location tag if you’re a Euphoria fan. You can show intense eyeliner looks with sparkling eyeshadows, graphic designs, and more.

2. I need coffee

Instagram screenshot of the search results for the geotag 'I need coffee'.

Inspired by Emma Chamberlain’s aesthetic and comfortable vibe, this location is perfect for a living room selfie with coffee in your hands.

Many coffee lovers on Instagram might notice your post and find it relatable. So be creative with your captions. For example, “Mornings are made better with a cup of coffee. Here’s to a great day ahead!”

3. Shine bright life a diamond

Instagram screenshot of moodylojinha's image of glittery jewelery with the geotag 'Shine bright like a diamond'

Rihanna’s song, “Diamonds”, inspires this new location tag. Use this tag to show your sparkling jewelry, luxurious locations, or aesthetic places. You can also post happy moments with your friends or recent business achievements to show your shiny moments in life.

4. Tiktok

Instagram image of Zachariah Porter in an office with a large Tik Tok sign on the wall.

Using a “TikTok” location tag on your Instagram post can be a fun way to merge the two platforms.

This location tag will help you increase the visibility of your posts because it links to the TikTok headquarters in New York. So film yourself doing a TikTok challenge on a popular song, tag the location, and share it on Instagram. 

5. Bob Ross Studios

Instagram image of a man dressed in a Bob Ross print shirt in front of a Bob Ross style painting.

This location tag pays tribute to the famous artist Bob Ross. He was known for his calming voice and its soothing effect on the viewers. In his show, “The Joy of Painting,” he taught how to paint beautiful nature scenes and landscapes. So use this location to channel your creativity through art.

Many people dress up as Bob Ross and try to recreate his studio. Some even give it a twist by performing a short skit on the way he taught how to paint.

6. Send help

Screenshot of an Instagram post with the image of two stressed women with the geotag Send Help.

Use this location tag if you’re stressed about something. It could be a coming-up exam or a pile of pending work.

We’re all human and have moments when we could use extra help and support. So add the “send help” location tag to your posts and let your followers know they’re not alone in their struggles.

7. The Girls Room

Funny Instagram post from zoekirpanos of three women in pink jackets with the geotag for 'The Girls Rooms'.

Are you looking for a fun and lighthearted way to share photos with your girlfriends on Instagram? Use the “The Girls Room” tag inspired by The Amanda Show to post pictures of you and your girl squad having a good time.

Here are some similar location ideas — The girls-only club, Victoria’s Secret, and besties night.

8. Planet Earth

Screenshot of nature pics under the Planet Earth geotag.

Planet Earth might not be the funniest location on this list, but it’s great to post nature-inspired pictures on your Instagram. Use it to post photos of sunsets, rivers, and flowers or to step away from the mundane city life pictures.

Most businesses use this location tag on earth day to celebrate nature and promote sustainable living.

9. Hungry?

Instagram screenshot of an image of cheesy food with the geotag 'Hungry?'

Use the “Hungry?” location tag on Instagram as a fun way to share food pictures and engage with your audience. So post an Instagram-worthy meal or a cold drink with this location.

It’s the perfect location tag if you’re a restaurant owner or run a small food business. With this tag, you’re reminding your followers to visit your restaurant when hungry and adding a touch of humor to your marketing.

For similar posts, you can also use “Grandma’s soul food” or “I’m hungry.” 

10. Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment

Instagram post of a woman standing in front of Carrie Bradshaw's brownstone apartment.

Whether you’re a Carrie Bradshaw fan or looking for a fun photo option, this Instagram location will add flair to your feed.

Many people visit the famous brownstone from the movie Sex and the City on Perry Street. Even though visitors aren’t allowed to go on the steps, you can still snap a fire selfie in front of the building and add this location tag to your post.

A similar celebrity location tag is Harry Styles’ house.

11. Home Sweet Home

Instagram post with the geotag 'Home Sweet Home' including a picture of a cozy living room.

Picture this: you return from a long day of work. You’re tired and want to lay on your bed. You sit down on your couch and relax.

Now is the best time to post a relaxing photo in your home with the location tag “home sweet home.”

You can also use this location to tag your favorite places that make you feel at home. For example, many people find it relaxing to be at a library. So you can post pictures of yourself reading a book in a library and tag the location “home sweet home.”

12. Work of God

Instagram image of a woman standing beneath a group of budding trees.

Sometimes it can be challenging to describe how fantastic something is. So use the location “Work of God” in your posts when you can’t appreciate something with words.

You can use it for a delicious cake that your friend baked. Or use it to show the natural beauty of a location, like waterfalls, mountains, flower gardens, and more.

13. The Office

Instagram image of a group of people dressed in suits in an office with the geotag 'The Office'.

Imagine you’re having an after-work party in your office building. What’s a better location to tag than “The Office”? Inspired by the famous American sitcom, you can use this location and tag your colleagues on Instagram.

Here’s a fun suggestion for your office party. Recreate the iconic scenes of The Office and dress up as your favorite character. Then post pictures in cool locations that resemble the show’s set and post them online.

14. Instagram

Image of an Instagram screenshot of a user profile with the geotag 'Instagram'.

Use the “Instagram” location tag to share a moment with the app itself. You can post a screenshot of reaching Instagram milestones such as:

  • Hitting a certain number of followers
  • Getting verified
  • Being featured on the Explore page
  • Earning amazing analytics on posts and reels

15. Almost There

Instagram screenshot with the geotag 'Almost There' by howlingwolfe95 with a picture of a road sign for a restaurant named 'Almost There'.

This tag is about celebrating progress and looking forward to the future. Whether you’re about to graduate, complete a mountain hike, or finish up your work projects, use this tag to let your followers know how far you’ve come.

Instagram image of a cake with 'Link in the bio' in the caption and location tag.

Link in Bio is a popular way to share anything with your followers. You simply have to paste a link into your profile’s bio so your followers can click on it to see what you’ve shared.

The “Link in Bio” location tag is a clever way to draw attention to the link in your Instagram bio and increase clicks from your followers.

If you don’t have a bio site yet, you can build one with Limey for free.

17. Giveaway time

Instagram image of a book giveaway by thebookishdreamers.

A giveaway on Instagram typically requires the participants to follow your account, tag friends, and like/share your posts. Giveaways can help increase your business’s engagement, followers, and awareness.
So use the “Giveaway Time” location tag to attract more people to participate in your giveaway.

18. Making Magic

Instagram post from scrumpstitches_ of an embroidery project with the geotag 'Making Magic'.

This location tag works in different situations for all businesses. Small-scale artists can use it to share their new projects. DIY enthusiasts can hint towards a new creation they’re working on. Entrepreneurs and business owners can use it to promote their latest projects, products, or services.

Here’s a similar funny location you can use — Santa’s Workshop.

19. The Internet

Instagram post with the geotag 'The Internet'.

“The Internet” location tag on Instagram can be a fun and creative way for businesses to promote their online presence.

If you recently launched a new website, use this tag to let your followers know your business is online. Or use it for online content like blog posts, videos, podcasts, offering discounts, and more.

20. No Need for Your to Know

Instagram post by s3_nicole

This Instagram tag can sound rude to your followers. But it can be effective for millennials and Gen Zs who want to add a unique touch to their content and stand up to negative comments.

21. Hangover Central

Screenshot of Hangover Central - Funny places to tag on Instagram

Many of us have been drunk and cannot remember what happened at last night’s party. And the funniest part is scrolling through your phone to find pictures of yourself looking like a mess.

Try a funny location tag on your post the next time you get drunk. Use ‘hangover central’ or ‘drink drank drunk’ so your followers can appreciate the relatable humor.

22. Good Vibes Avenue

Instagram post by egaisorianodevera geotagged 'Good Vibes

Whether on a solo adventure or hanging out with friends, this tag is perfect for sharing happy moments and positive energy. Take a selfie with a smile and a thumbs up, or share a picture of a beautiful sunset with the location button “Good vibes” or “Good Vibes Avenue.”

23. North Pole

Instagram image of a person bundled up in the snow with the geotag 'North Pole'.

This is the perfect Instagram location for sharing winter holiday pictures. It’s a great tag to post the year’s first snowfall or holiday-themed content. So, capture the holiday spirit with photos of you dressed as Santa or a cozy evening watching classic Christmas movies. You can also post snowball fights with friends while enjoying the chilly weather.

24. Error 404

Instagram post with the geotag Error404.

IT professionals will understand this funny location tag. Use it as a joke with your colleagues or when your program code has too many errors. You can also use it when you don’t want to give away your location to people online.

25. Epic Scenes

Instagram post of dogs in party hats with the geotag 'Epic Scenes'.

This location is perfect for a breathtaking place you want to share with your followers. Try exploring a new destination to show the epic beauty of your surroundings and sceneries. Just make sure to use the tag responsibly and avoid tagging inappropriate or sensitive locations.

Cartoon image of a woman in front of a map with location markers - Funny places to tag on Instagram

Wrapping Up: Funny Instagram Locations

Your Instagram followers want more than just a product or service – they want to feel personally connected to your brand. So it’s essential to form a deeper connection with your audience.

Using unique and funny geolocation tags is one way of doing this.

Adding a touch of humor to your Instagram posts with location tags can be a fun and effective way to engage your followers and stand out from the crowd. It can help you catch your audience’s attention and create a more memorable impression of your brand.

So, if you want to make an impact on Instagram, consider getting creative with your own location tags in your next post. You can also partner with an agency to help you take your social media strategy to the next level.

Whatever route you take, ensure your images have alt text. You can use our Free Instagram Alt Text Generator to make your photos accessible.

You can also build a bio site with Limey’s site builder.

What are some funny Instagram locations to visit?

Numerous amusing locations worldwide are known for their quirky names, unique structures, or humorous themes. From Unalaska in Alaska to No Place in England, the list is endless. For more examples, explore our article on funny Instagram locations.

Why are funny locations popular on Instagram?

Funny locations pique the curiosity of viewers, eliciting smiles and engagement. They also provide a unique backdrop for creative photo opportunities, making posts more memorable and shareable.

Are there any hashtags to use for funny Instagram locations?

Absolutely! Hashtags like #FunnyLocations, #FunnyPlaces, or #InstagrammableSpots can help you discover new places and share your own amusing finds with others.

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