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Why You Should Add Alt Text to Your Instagram Images

Instagram posts with ALT text
When an image doesn’t load due to poor internet connectivity, the ALT text typically loads instead.
Users who use screen readers will get context about the image thanks to ALT text.
Search engines use ALT text to understand images better. Providing alt text to your Instagram images can improve the chances of your images appearing in search results.
Legal Compliance
In some regions, websites are legally required to provide accessible content. Failure to do so can result in legal action or fines. Adding ALT text is a step towards legal compliance.
Inclusive Design
Inclusive web design is about ensuring that everyone can access and interact with your content. Adding ALT text is a fundamental aspect of inclusive design.
User Experience
ALT text benefits all users by providing additional context for images. This can help users better understand the content and purpose of the images, leading to a more enjoyable and informative browsing experience.