Image with text

The Image with text block is quite popular due to its flexibility.
You can use it to build a bio site with a profile image at the top or even a hero or feature section on a landing page.

Example of a simple section that has a title, description, two CTA buttons, and an image on the side.

Example with an image above the title, allowing for the look and feel of a bio page.

Under the content tab of the Image with text, you’ll have the option to upload an image. 

Under the same tab, you’ll also be able to give the block a title, description and add up to two CTA buttons.

All of the fields under the Image with text are optional.

By default, the buttons are there, and to remove any of them, you click the trash icon that appears when you hover over them.

Should you decide to use the buttons, their settings and style can be defined by clicking on the pencil icon that appears when you hover over any of them. 

Under the Style tab, you’ll see this block’s versatility.


You can define the padding of each side of the block separately or click on the link icon to define them in a unified way.

Background color

The background color will define the color for the background of the block.


The roundness allows you to give the image round corners. You can define the roundness of each corner or click on the link icon to define them in a unified way.

Image sizing

You can set the image size to be small, medium, or full.

Image position

This setting ultimately defines how the Image with text block will look.

You can have the image positioned above the content, below it, to the left, or the right.