How to add Senja testimonials

To add Senja testimonials, you’ll need access to Limey’s code block.

⚠️ The code block is a Limey paid feature.

To get started, we’ll first need to visit Senja and grab the code snippet to add our testimonials.

When logged into Senja, you can access their primary sidebar, which has many options for creating your testimonials.

In the sidebar, locate the Studio, where we’ll create a widget that’ll go into our Limey website.

Once you’ve created a widget and saved your changes, you’ll be able to click on the share button.

The share button will slide out a panel that gives you access to the code we need. Click on the copy button to copy the code snippet for the widget.

Now let’s go back to the Limey website to which we’d like to add the Senja widget we just created.

In Limey’s builder, click the plus sign to add a block and select the code block.

Give your code block a title if you’d like, and paste the Senja code snippet we got after creating the widget.

That’s it! 🥳

As the preview canvas mentions, you won’t be able to preview the testimonials in Limey’s builder due to the snippet of code containing a script tag. If you look at the public-facing side of your website, you’ll see that the testimonials are there.